Taiwan Kopi Luwak

Farmers in Taitung have been growing coffee beans since 1912, but like Ruan, though they have perfected their techniques in producing coffee beans worthy of competing with the world’s best, they lack the business skills, means and knowledge to successfully market and distribute their coffee. 

Breeding and sustaining the civets alone cost up to 24,000 USD a year. My goal is to help Ruan market his coffee by, establishing an online retailing presence where consumers can buy the coffee directly from the Ruans, in short from farm to cup. By allowing farmers and consumers to connect online and bypass the middlemen, we allow consumers to purchase premium coffee more affordably and also allow the farmers to retain a greater share of the revenue.

Our sales will directly help Ruan and farmers like him with the necessities to do what they do best (make awesome coffee) and to promote, package, market, and sell their coffee. We would like to expand overseas via the internet, creating greater demand for our products.


In the long term, we hope to empower the area and its local population with the tools for self-sustainability. One of our visions is to transform the farm into an experiential eco-friendly plantation, where visitors can learn about the farming of coffee beans and see the wild civets in their natural habitat.


Finally, our goal is to stimulate the local economy through entrepreneurship. We hope that through our example, we can encourage more entrepreneurs and investors to invest in the region in a socially responsible way. Where possible, we are committed to hiring locally from the 200,000+ community in Taitung and training them with the skills necessary to build a small, yet global business. By hiring local staff and basing the company in Taitung, we want to keep as much of the salary and earnings earned through this venture recycled and reinvested into the community.